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Dragon Chewer Grinders

The GrindTainer was the first ever container with a built in grinder. The ease of use is what sets the GrindTainer apart from similar products. Simply unscrew the cap, place material in the underside of the cap and use the bottom of the container to effectively grind your particular substrate. If cleaned regularly, the GrindTainer will last a lifetime. We frequently come across customers who are still using our first generation GrindTainer that we introduced to the Cannabis market place over 9 years ago. With its large spaced apart teeth, the GrindTainer achieves a course grind that is ideal for rolling and bowls. Each GrindTainer (except mini) comes with a removable “splitter” used to separate un-ground/ground product within the container and can also be used as a scraper to clean up any rogue particulate.

The GrindTainer is proudly manufactured in the USA using medical grade polypropylene plastics.