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Cool Relief Roll-On

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Foragers CBD Muscle Cream

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CBD Infused Coconut Oil

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CBD Topicals & Creams

A CBD topical, such as CBD cream, CBD lotion, and CBD salve, can be applied directly to your skin as and when you need it, while also focusing on specific areas of your body that you want to target. Applying CBD to your body topically not only allows localized targeting, but it’s also fast-acting, with cannabinoids entering your bloodstream in around 20 minutes.

A CBD topical cream is made with extracted oil from the hemp plant, and infused like any other vitamin would be, into a base, that can be applied with your hands and rubbed into any area of the body. A CBD topical patch is a transdermal patch that can be worn on the body, and which will release cannabinoids into your body for a specific length of time depending on the product.

In local stores you may find hemp skin creams that are considerably less expensive than the CBD creams for sale in Green Goods. It’s important to understand that not all hemp-derived products contain CBD but that some are manufactured using oil extracted from hemp seeds, as opposed to oil that has been extracted from the flower, which is where the cannabidiols are found in abundance. While a hemp lotion could be great for your skin, to experience the benefits of CBD, you need to select a hemp cream that specifies a CBD content like the ones you find in Green Goods.

CBD Topical Uses

Choosing between the different types of CBD topicals available in our store really comes down to your needs more than anything else. A CBD hemp salve such as the one from Artemis is easy to carry around in your pocket or a small purse. A CBD hemp cream such as the one from Sacred Biology on the other hand, may be better for keeping at home or in your bag, and applying to larger areas of pain, or larger areas of skin.