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What are CBD Beverages?

The term “CBD beverages” basically applies to any and all drinks that have been infused with the popular cannabinoid, CBD. If you, like many people, prefer to drink your supplements then you’re in luck as the range of CBD infused drinks available on Green Goods covers CBD water, energy drinks and flavor enhancers.

While consuming your CBD orally does decrease it’s bioavailability (less CBD actually ends up in your bloodstream), it is still one of the most popular methods of consumption as the cannabinoids are released more slowly into your body, and the effects are much longer lasting. So if you are looking for another way to get some CBD into your system without snacking on sweet treats, then a CBD drink could be just the product you’re looking for.

Some of the CBD infused drinks that are already widely available include energy drinks and CBD infused water.

The Science

Interestingly, cannabinoids are actually hydrophobic in nature, meaning they don’t bond well with water. So, what is CBD water? Thanks to quantum physics, scientists made a breakthrough for the CBD beverage market by using nanotechnology to make nanoparticles of the compounds. By breaking the compounds down into smaller particles (to around a millionth of their original size), they not only mix well allowing you to enjoy CBD infused water, but scientists also hope that the smaller particles of water soluble CBD will make the compound more bioavailable to you overall.